Yvette Sanchez

The Children’s Shelter

Kathy Fletcher

Voices for Children

Dr. Colleen Bridger

City of San Antonio

Consortium Sector Workgroups–In STTICC, each sector is represented by a defined group of individuals who are consulted to make recommendations and decisions on behalf of the sector. 12 workgroups have been established: Child Welfare/Foster Care, Early Care and Education, PK-12 Education, Faith Based and Congregations, Family Support Services, Higher Education, Medical-Hospitals and Clinics, Mental and Behavioral Health, Justice Systems, Local Government and Strategic Communications, Philanthropy, Youth Development and Afterschool.

For any information about the workgroups or to join one,  please reach out to these Consortium Managers:

Education Pre K -12

Co-Chairs: Melody Woosley, DHS; Dr. Don Schmidt, NISD; Mandy Tyler, Region 20; *Miranda Cushman

  • East Central ISD
  • Judson ISD
  • Southwest ISD
  • San Antonio ISD
  • North East ISD
  • Northside ISD
  • Harlandale ISD
  • PreK 4 SA
  • Café College/SA Educ.Partn
  • CIS
  • COIA
  • Boerne ISD
  • Medina Valley ISD
  • Comal ISD
  • Joint Base San Antonio
  • Southside ISD
  • South San ISD
  • Edgewood ISD
  • Good Samaritan Comm. Cnt.
  • Lackland ISD
  • ChildSafe
  • Assessment Intervention Mng.
  • Salud America!
  • Autism Community Network
  • Archdiocese of SA
  • Clarity
  • Philip’s College
  • Trinity University
  • Children’s Bereavement Center
  • IDEA Public Schools

Early Care and Education

Co-Chairs: Kathy Fletcher, Voices for Children; Melissa Williamson, SAEYC; *Miranda Cushman

  • Kids-r-Kids Learning Academy
  • Palo Alto College
  • Early Childhood Studies, San Antonio College
  • UPCC
  • Workforce Solutions Alamo
  • YMCA
  • Healy Murphy
  • UTSA Child Development Center
  • Annie Creative Studio for Wellness
  • Madonna Center
  • St. Philip’s College
  • Brighton Center
  • KLRN
  • Texas A&M San Antonio
  • Early Childhood Consultant
  • Ella Austin Community Center
  • San Antonio Public Library
  • Ella Austin Community Center
  • San Antonio Public Library
  • DFPS, Child Care Licensing
  • Family Service Assoc
  • Region 20
  • House of Neighborly Services

Child Welfare/Foster Care

Co-Chairs: Yvette Sanchez, The Children’s Shelter; Rachel Richter, SJRC, Peggy Eighmy, UTSA *Cheryl Weise

  • A World of Children
  • Autism Community Network
  • BCFS-PAL Aftercare
  • CASA
  • Casey Family Service
  • Centers for Children and Families
  • ChildSafe
  • Family Tapestry
  • Good Samaritan
  • Roy Maas Youth Alternatives
  • Bexar County Fostering Education Success Pilot Project
  • Seton Home
  • SJRC
  • Peters/St. Joseph’s Home
  • THRU Project
  • The Children’s Shelter
  • UTSA

Mental /Behavioral Health

Co-Chairs: Gilbert Gonzales, Bexar County; Terri Mabrito, NAMI; *Connie Soria

  • Alpha Home
  • Baptist Health System
  • Bexar County Mental Health Dept
  • Center for Health Care Services
  • Family Tapestry
  • ChildSafe
  • Clarity
  • Endeavors
  • NAMI
  • SAMMinistries
  • Rise Recovery
  • A. Behavioral Health Hospital
  • UHS Trauma Dept
  • Village Life Center
  • West Care Foundation

Medical: Hospitals/Clinics

Co-Chairs: Dr. Edward Dick, MHM; Dr. Kristen Plastino, UTHSA; *Connie Soria

  • Bexar County Medical Society
  • Center for Miracles
  • Christus Santa Rosa
  • CommuniCare SA
  • Metro Health
  • Methodist Healthcare Ministries
  • Superior Health Plan

Justice Systems

Co-Chairs: Jeannie Von Stultz, Juvenile Probation; Mike Lozito, Bexar County ; *Cheryl Weise

  • Bexar County Family Justice
  • Specialty court judges
  • Big Brothers Big Sister
  • CHCS
  • DA’s Office
  • Ad Litem
  • CASA
  • Children’s Court
  • Criminal Court System
  • Family Tapestry
  • Bexar County Judicial Services
  • City of San Antonio
  • Dispute Resolution
  • District Court-Criminal

Local Government & Strategic Communications

Co-Chairs: Randy McGibeny, Child Safe; Kim Abernathy, Child Safe; *Connie Soria

  • Bexar County Sheriff’s office
  • Bexar County Mental Health
  • The Children’s Shelter
  • ChildSafe
  • City of San Antonio, Department of Human Services
  • City Of San Antonio Metro Health Dept.
  • San Antonio Police Department


Co-Chairs: Katrin Ludwig, MHM; Shantel Wilkins, Kronkosky Charitable Foundation *Cheryl Weise

  • Baptist Health Foundation SA
  • Charity Ball Foundation
  • Kronkosky
  • Methodist Healthcare Ministries
  • SWBC
  • San Antonio Area Foundation
  • United Way SA
  • The Children’s Shelter

Youth Development/Afterschool

Co-Chairs: Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, P16 Plus; Jessica Weaver, Communities in Schools ; *Miranda Cushman

  • YMCA
  • Excel beyond the Bell
  • P16 Plus
  • Community in Schools
  • NISD Learning Tree
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • YMCA
  • Joven
  • UT Teen Health
  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • Girls/Boys Scouts
  • Good Samaritan
  • Parks & Recs
  • Healthy Futures

Faith Based/Congregations

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Smith, So. Texas Alliance for Orphans; Heather Pullen, Christian Hope Resource Center; *Miranda Cushman

  • Archdiocese of San Antonio
  • Faith Based Initiative in the City for Good
  • DFPS Faith Based Coordinator
  • Youth Ministries:
    • Youth for Christ
    • Youth Life
  • Ecumenical Center
  • South Texas Alliance
  • Father Jimmy

Family Support Services

Co-Chairs: Mary Garr, Family Service Association; Gay Lynn Schwenk, SAMM Ministries; *Cheryl Weise

  • Baptist Children’s Home (BCFS)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Children’s Bereavement Center
  • Family Service Association
  • Family Tapestry
  • Family Violence Prevention Services
  • Good Samaritan
  • Haven for Hope
  • House of Neighborly Services
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Kronkosky Charitable Foundation
  • Martinez St. Women’s Center
  • Pre-K 4 SA
  • Rape Crisis Center
  • SAMM Ministries
  • St Paul Lutheran Developmental Center
  • Texas Diaper Bank
  • The Children’s Shelter
  • Workforce Solutions Alamo
  • 502SFG

Higher Education

Co-Chairs: Jen Osborne, PhD, St. Philip’s College; Zenon Culverhouse, UIW; *Connie Soria

  • Media
  • Magdalena House
  • UIW
  • UT Health-Nursing Faculty
  • Alamo Community Colleges
  • UHS
  • Goodwill