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Working to mitigate the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences by creating a Certified Trauma-Informed Care Bexar County.

The South Texas Trauma-Informed Care Consortium is a collaboration between The Children’s Shelter, Voices for Children and City of San Antonio Metro Health Department (The Partners). The consortium brings together community participants who are committed to addressing the impact of trauma. The Consortium’s goals are:

  • To educate the community about trauma, about the damage of trauma and re-traumatization, and about how widespread trauma-related damage is
  • To raise awareness of the importance of being trauma informed.
  • To build a resilient community and mitigate the effects of trauma related damage

What is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma Informed Care is an organizational approach that understands and responds to the life-long potential impacts of trauma in the families that we serve.

Trauma Informed Care Approach emphasizes the physical, psychological and emotional safety for clients/work force/participants/patients and providers to assist trauma survivors to strengthen their resiliency, gain their empowerment and thrive.

Rather than asking “what is wrong with you?”, a trauma informed care approach asks, “what has happened to you, and how can we help?”

Upcoming Events and Food for Thought


DECEMBER 11, 2020


Rationale, aims and target audience

Violence affects up to 1 in 2 children every year, with devastating acute and long-term consequences. Yet, we know that violence can be prevented, we have the tools to do so, and SDG Target 16.2 calls for ending violence against children.

The INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children technical package is a collection of evidence-based recommendations on how to prevent and respond to violence against children, including Implementation and enforcement laws; Norms and values; Safe environments; Parent and caregiver support; Income and economic strengthening; Response and support services; and Education and life skills

To assist governments, civil society and faith-based organizations in their efforts to reduce violence against children, the INSPIRE core agencies and INSPIRE Working Group are initiating this series of eight training webinars over the course of six months. The aims are to:

  •   Introduce INSPIRE to those who need to know and act on it,
  •   Remind those who already work with INSPIRE about the need to scale it up, and
  •   Give all INSPIRE stakeholders an opportunity to get detailed insights into each of the seven

    strategies and the cross-cutting elements.

    The target audience includes policy-makers and legislators, planners and technical staff, practitioners and implementers, faith-based and traditional leaders, funders, advocates and any other interested stakeholders.

  1. Content

    The first in the series will be an introduction to INSPIRE and its cross-cutting elements of monitoring and evaluation and multi-sectoral action. The remaining webinars will cover each of the seven INSPIRE strategies in more depth and will include reflections on how they can be adapted for implementation in the time of COVID-19

    On 11 December 2020 from 15h30-17h00 CET the first webinar will cover:

    •   Introduction to the training series
    •   Basic concepts underlying INSPIRE
    •   Overview of INSPIRE and the value of (i) combining several INSPIRE strategies, (ii) multisectoral

      action and coordination, and (iii) monitoring and evaluation

    •   Brief overview of findings from the Global status report on preventing violence 2020
    •   Q&A session with the experts

      Confirmed speakers for this 11 December 2020 webinar include Susan Hillis (US CDC), Lucie Cluver (Universities of Oxford and Cape Town), Mark Canavera (CPC) and Alexander Butchart (WHO). The webinar will be moderated by Mark Canavera (CPC).

      Thereafter the webinar series will continue with one training webinar per INSPIRE strategy. These will commence in January 2021 and the exact dates for the next seven webinars will be announced before the end of 2020.

      We look forward to having you join us in helping to advance evidence-based approaches to ending of violence against children everywhere.