Vision: A Certified Trauma-Informed Care Bexar County.
Trauma Informed San Antonio Organizational Structure

Governance Council—Govern and oversee project

The Council defines and communicates to the world the project’s “who”. It is responsible for a decision-making process that is fair, community-inclusive, transparent, and ensures the project’s success. The Council oversees the partners’ progress and holds them accountable for their core functions.

The Consortium—Educate the community on the importance of being trauma informed

The mission of the Consortium is to communicate the “why”. It informs the development and implementation of the project. The Consortium acts as the project’s ambassador, advisor, and community liaison.

The Institute—Describe what it means to be trauma informed

The Institute for Trauma Informed Care is responsible for the “what” of the project. It provides training and technical assistance anchored in best practices and informed by the community’s culture and demographics. The Institute is the TIC expert and information repository.

The Certifying Entity—Recognize the organizations that are trauma informed

The Certifying Entity determines the “who” is trauma informed. It recognizes the organizations that meet the community-adopted standards.

 Quality, Compliance, and Evaluation—Evaluate effectiveness

Evaluate the core functions of the project to determine overall impact. Provide information for decision-making. This entity will be separate from the Governance Council.